​Haleiwa Pottery

 ​Earth, water and fire are the elements we try to manipulate to form our work.  The earth and water are used to form, shape and the color our creations.  We use fire to remove the water and set the earth and color.​​

​The art of juggling these elements in differents porportions and temperatures is like solving a puzzle for us.  Even when the form takes shape, the glaze is tested and applied; the kiln is loaded and fired according to many previous firring notes, I still have to deal with the humidity in the air and the winds.  So the puzzle is never the same. 
​Although this may seem as a never-ending battle, we enjoy the challenge.  The feeling I get is one of a child.  Firing the kiln is a two-fold enjoyment, trying to control the process and opening the kiln.
​When I sit down at my wheel i do have a basic idea of what I want to make.  I start with a cylinder shape.  From a cylinder all forms can be made, I let the clay have a part in the final product.  This means every pieces will be different. 
I like to make marks on pots as they are made, by just touching the work with taps from a tool.  By connecting the taps, images are formed.  Some of our work we use a stamp made from a chop-stick, each stamp is hand craved.  These marks trap glaze into pools, the deeper the pool  the darker it gets.  The marks stand out against the white clay body.